Here at Bluebit Ltd, we love WordPress. We love WordPress and all its plugins. But like many popular pieces of software, it also prone to being hacked. Not because its necessarily insecure software, but because its widely used and so extremely popular accounting for over 20% of all websites. Its like the Microsoft Windows of blogging engines.

That’s why it’s important to keep your WordPress install updated and secure (see our post wordpress-updates-security). It’s an easy enough task as when you log in to the back end of any WordPress site, it tells you 🙂 Its great! It also guides you through the process of upgrading including any updates or upgrades to any of the plugins you might have installed as well.

We would always recommend ensuring that you have a backup of your website before attempting any upgrades, however.

However many website owners don’t log in frequently enough to check, or are concerned that the process might fail and their beautiful website would be lost or damaged in some way.

What if there were a cost effective way to ensure that your WordPress installation and its plugins up-to-date? Well now we are offering WordPress Maintenance where we take the hassle out of the WordPress upgrade and maintenance process for you and all for just 80 pence per day*!

Not only will we regularly check your website for any updates, create a backup and apply them, we’ll also recommend and install some useful and well respected security related plugins at no additional cost. These plugins are free to install yourself as well if you wish, so if this is something you’d interested in discussing, why not drop us a line or hit us up on our chat at the bottom right of your screen, mentioning WordPress Maintenance.

*80 pence per day is based on ÂŁ24 per month payable in advance by Direct Debit.