Many of us appreciate a good brew, and here at Bluebit we are all partial to a cuppa or two. One question however reverberated around the walls of our offices recently after I made a cup of tea for a client and the developers in the office:

“How long should you leave a cuppa for to brew?”

Of course there is no proper answer to this and there are also loads of other questions that then get fired off like: “Do you put the milk in first?”, or “teabag or tea leaves?” which then defines whether you’re using a teapot or otherwise.

If you’re like me, you’ll appreciate a brew thats not “forced” in other words the bag is not man handled against the side of the mug, giving up its flavour under duress. But how long to stand a teabag in a mug? Too long and you get a scum on the top and the cuppa gets cold and stewed. Too short and your cuppa tastes like hot water with milk (and sugar if you have it).

How do you like your tea? I’d be interested to hear and would welcome your feedback. Why not emailhowsyourtea (at) bluebit (dot) co (dot) uk your tips and suggestions. I’ll be glad to share our findings.