Your website looks great and you have some fantastic promotions in your on-line shop. So why is no-one visiting your website and purchasing from you?

When opening a shop would you choose to open on a busy high street or miles from anywhere. The answer is not rocket science.

If your website is not marketed correctly it can be comparable to opening up a shop in the middle of nowhere and expecting passing trade. By marketing your website you can increase traffic and hence increase the likelihood of revenue/usefulness to the communities you want to support.

As a special treat, here are Bluebit Web Designs top five SEO hints:

  1. sIFR: Tired of your headings not being indexed because they’re not live text? sIFR (Scalable Inman Flash Replacement) allows you to dazzle your viewers with your font of choice whilst still being indexable. Good news for everyone.
  2. Valid Code: Here at Bluebit we believe in semantic well structured code. This is also important for SEO as it allows the site to be crawled by the Search Engine Spiders more effectively by giving meaning to the markup.
  3. Alt Tags for Images: Accessibility is key to being visible to the search engines and alt tags will help your site to be understood by the spiders increasing your chance of gaining a high rank.
  4. Up to date content: A site which isn’t updated isn’t appealing to your visitors and this is the same for the search engine spiders. Keep your content fresh and appealing to all of your users (human or otherwise) by frequently updating your sites content.
  5. Lists for navigation: Keep your links visible by using simple HTML lists for navigation and try to avoid using Javascript/similar techniques that hide the links until they’re needed. Visible content is searchable content.

At Bluebit Web Design we use the above tips and many more to ensure that your site is optimised and ready for the web and it doesn’t cost the earth! For more information do not hesitate to contact our team on 02380 988977