After speaking to some amateur and professional photography firms and individuals, it’s clear that there isn’t a product out there that allows them to focus on what they do best – take photographs – and also have a professional, own branded website.

We aim to change that with, our new online photo gallery and diary application. With features such as mass uploading of complete folder structures, locking of specific galleries for authorised access only, automatic resizing for screen viewing, optional automatic watermarking of images, animated transition effects within the galleries, control over non gallery content such as home page or contact us pages and the ability to sell your images online and set your own price.

We’re not looking to replace FLICKR, TRUPRINT or OFOTO as these are great applications but they simply don’t cater for a professional photographer that wants their own branding and complete control over size, shape and watermarking as well as the ability to earn revenue from selling your own shots.

We’re looking to roll this out in three versions, FREE, Amateur and Professional packages. Prices to be confirmed.

If you’re interested in helping us with this exciting product and want to help shape and test the beta version, please click here to contact us and show your interest.