If you haven’t heard about the latest craze to hit the mobile world, Pokemon Go has achieved something that few games have achieved thus far. We’re finally getting off our soft behinds and walking places in a quest to find virtual creatures, dotted all over the planet.

My Son seems to have found his feet and has started jogging with is mum in the mornings to go and find these little cuddly monsters.

Sure there’s some negative press with people crashing their cars while playing, or falling off cliffs, but there’s a special type of recognition for these people in the Darwin Awards. I guess it goes without saying that you should still be aware of your surroundings while playing.

With the inevitable virtual goldrush to find that elusive Cloyster or Onix, there was also a bit of a rush to purchase shares in Nintendo as people clamoured to get a piece of the financial action. Nintendos share price doubled between July 7th and July 19th! Its now falling again as Nintendo didn’t actually make Pokemon Go and people are starting to realise this fact.