A well rounded web hosting control panel from Plesk

Plesk have recently launched their newest web hosting control panel software called Onyx. This is to replace the existing Plesk 12.5.x control panel software. From first impressions, the software interface is very similar but there are some interesting differences, namely the ability to launch Docker instances, direct integration with a GIT repository and multi-server configuration. Of course some of these options might not be useful for everyone and indeed many of us may already have some of these integrations nailed.

There are some other listed benefits such as integration with Slack, and a Wordpress Toolkit that can scan and advise on WordPress installs. All of this adds up to look like a nice upgrade and at prices starting at £4.17+vat per month for a complete control panel for your website and email configuration, Plesk has always been a favourite of ours when it comes to either VPS or Dedicated Servers for our clients.

Onyx comes in three flavours; Web Admin, Web Pro and Web Host. You can also purchase bolt-ons to enhance your web control panel even further, such as anti virus solutions, and the Cloudflare CDN service. The Web Admin plan is limited to only 10 domains (amongst other things) but is perfect for a company who wishes to maintain a few sites on a VPS or dedicated server.

All of our existing clients on VPS or dedicated servers that have a Plesk license will have the opportunity to upgrade for free. We also offer optional retainer packages where we maintain your Plesk installation, advising on upgrades, security, firewall setting etc.

For more information on Onyx, click here.

If you’re looking for a server that can run your website and/or email services, why not give us a ring on 02380 988 977 and talk to Neil.