Our latest mail email engine is almost ready for launch. We’ve got a few tweaks to make and we’ll be letting it loose for the general public.

MailGuu enables you to manage a full email marketing campaign completely from your browser. Packed full of clever features such as a comprehensive analytics package and reporting functions, telling you how successful your campaign was.

You can manage your subscriptions list and allow users to automatically unsubscribe. No more fiddling around with Excel spreadsheets and huge CC lists in Outlook Express.

There’s even a clever tool that can deliver screenshots of what your chosen design will look like in over 15 different email environments.

MailGuu comes with a wide selection of pre-made templates for you to choose from or you can simply build your own. If you want a bit of design flare then we can also assist with the design of your initial mailGuu template for a small fee.

Sign up will be completely free and there will be no costly subscription charges. You’ll simply pay for what you use.

Prices will start from £0.03 per email.