My mobile phone contract comes to an end next month and I’m looking to upgrade to something a little newer that the iPhone 3G I currently run. Why? well the initial reason for the iPhone was to start developing web applications specifically for the iPhone. This has led to us developing App Store Apps and quite frankly I have been totally blown away by Apples clever little device.

Despite some of the bad press the iPhone 4 has had regarding the antenna, it looks like a very capable mobile phone and despite Apples controlling grip they have on the device and its software. This control has actually done them some favours. For instance, ALL the software you install is checked first by Apple which means that this software is more likely to run and not cause you undue heartache or problems. Yes it means that developers have to jump through a few more hoops, but the end result is typically more polished, refined apps compared to similar on the Android platform.

That’s not to say that there are no shonky iPhone apps, iFart springs to mind, but the idea is that iFart has been approved first before allowing it to play on your iPhones clever circuitry.