Google wants all data travelling across the web to be as safe and as secure as possible. To that end, in January 2017, the newest versions of Google Chrome (which accounts for about 55% of all browser traffic are likely going to start displaying more visible warnings on peoples browsers if they use a site that is not using a secure HTTPS connection.

Google have had their eye on this for some time. The internet giant quietly announced their plan back in 2014, when one of the members of the Chrome Security Team sent out a proposal to mark all HTTP websites as “non-secure.”

This is of course going to confuse browsing users who may simply stop using your site and look for an alternative that doesn’t have this lack of security. Luckily there are at least a couple of solutions. We have recently installed a letsencrypt extension into our shared hosting plans, allowing site owners to organise a free SSL certificate and also install it onto their hosting plan. This can all be done from within your existing Plesk control panel login.

If you’d prefer to purchase your own SSL certificate (maybe you’d like an EV SSL certificate for example) we can order a specific SSL certificate for you and install it, or of course, you can install your own through Plesk as well.