Flexible design and development of websites for the mobile and tablet devices is incredibly important, especially as many of us tend to spend a longer amount of time checking up on things on our commute to or from work, or on your way to a meeting, or simply grabbing 5 minutes at lunch in the park.

Because of this increase in the use of mobile devices and the increase in the data plans for smart phones, it makes sense to ensure that your website also works well on smaller devices. The form factor and the way that people interact with these devices is also different as its all touch, no hover with a mouse, so items such as drop down menus don’t work in the same way.

Here at Bluebit Ltd. we’re well aware of this and can help you to get the most out of your website by providing a detailed specification explaining how the site will work for the Desktop devices such as netbooks, laptops and Desktop PCs as well as iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile devices, along with the tablets such as iPad, and Samsung Tabs.