Celebrate your customers birthdays with rewards

Bluebit have been busy beavers this year and one of the projects we’ve been working on is a new digital birthday voucher system for your store, restaurant, club etc. Install a few lines of code onto the web page where you want the birthday sign-up form to appear and Birthdaymojo handles the rest. Birthdaymojo handles email verification, sending reminders and also delivery of your personalised voucher to each and every customer, just before their birthday, each and every year!

Tools for marketing

You will get tools to manage and export* the data, resend vouchers, and remove customers details from the database should they no longer wish to continue receiving emails.

The email voucher can be completely customised to suit your needs and can even be validated by your staff members by using their smart phone or tablet with no special software, just an internet connection**.

Why not give us a ring to request a demo on 023 80 988 977 or head over to https://www.birthdaymojo.co.uk to read more.

*The export feature is only available on certain plans.
**Most modern phones are capable of scanning QR codes with no special software, however if using an older device, a free software install may be required.