conGuu galleries bolt-on. Now you can upload and manage your images en-masse, creating web based public and private galleries, displaying full screen images, watermarking, and categorising your work, all within your website!!!

We are working on the ability to allow you to sell your images online at the price that you decide. Bluebit and conGuu will take your customers payment over the internet, organise the printing of the images requested and deliver them to your customers. You will receive the payment into your bank within 14 days.

This is squarely aimed at professional photographers who want a good looking, professionally designed website but need the functionality to sell online and display their work. It’s an ideal opportunity for wedding photography, product shots, or simply a range of images you would like to sell publicly.

It will save you time and money as the site can become the sales tool that you can point people to whilst you carry on with taking the shots rather than organising the printing and payment of lots of orders manually.

Why not take a look at an example site for inspiration, or take a look at one of our clients live sites