We’ve carried out a few tweaks and modifications in this latest point release. Here’s what’s new:

  • VAT Support for ConGuu cart. This gives us the ability to set and change VAT rates and display a company VAT number when sending out e-mail payment notifications. Additionally, when entering the price for your product the total including VAT is automatically generated as you type so you can see how much the product will cost including and not including VAT. Optional terms and conditions for checkout process. This can now be added and checked against before a transaction is allowed.
  • Fixed password request page, invalid path prevented page from loading.
  • Fixed the results per page on users manager. A missing condition prevented it from working correctly.
  • Article manager section drop down filter now works in conjunction with the searchable keywords box.
  • Improved search functionality on user manager page, now you can search for portions of text rather than exact matches making it easier and quicker to find results.
  • Navigation that was deeper than two levels wasn’t displaying correctly, this has now been fixed.
  • Added support for three new meta-tags: NOODP, NOYDIR and Googles’ new site verification tag.
  • Site verification and sitemap submission to google webmaster tools. Verifying a site gives the approval to access the googles webmaster tools and additional optimizations along with the ability to submit sitemaps for indexing by google.
  • Page navigation not showing on certain pages has now been fixed.