conGuu CMS 1.11.0 is now live and we’re rolling out the backups module to all our clients gradually. The backup module automatically backs up your entire account every night for up to 7 days, meaning you can roll back your site up to a week in the past.

In addition you can also make your own manual backups as well at any time you please allowing you to work on your website and have the knowledge that you can restore immediately in case you make a mistake and delete an important article.

Version 2.0.0 of conGuu is coming along nicely and we will be offering some of our clients the chance to trial this out in the next couple of months.

The original interface will still be accessible however as many of our users will prefer to use the existing form based editing style and in fact we will also build in a switch allowing each user to choose between the interface they prefer to use, whether that be the V1 interface or the V2 interface. Now how cool is that?!!?!