We wanted to release a couple of additional versions of conGuu before our big 2.0.0 launch due in July 2010. To this end we have released V1.12.0

This version has some additional features and some bug fixes thrown in for good measure:

  • Updated e-commerce shopping cart module installed – Our shopping cart module brings the power of e-commerce to ConGuu, which supports the use of industry standard SSL certificates and secure https:// transactions to transmit sensitive information from server to server via high strength encryption methods, making it virtually impossible for anyone to intercept. The cart also supports digital products with a secure obfuscation URL link method to keep your digital products from being exploited.
  • Image cache naming method has changed. Before cached images used by the web server were stored with md5 encrypted names. Now they are stored with regular names to improve search engine visibility. Additionally a bug was fixed with the cached images, so now the image file updates automatically when an image with the same name is uploaded. Previously, images uploaded with the same name as an existing image would not update.
  • Image names now support blank spaces, plus symbols (+) and various other uncommon characters used for file names.
  • New versioning system – ConGuu has been promoted to live within an SVN development repository and we now have to ability to roll out seamless updates with zero downtime through improved versioning methods on the server.
  • XML feed compatibility enhanced through numerous minor tweaks to the formatting.

If you’d like to test drive a demo of our Content Management System, conGuu, head over to www.conguu.comand click the demo button.